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Launch your Own Brand via The Resident Portal

Bring your dream to fruition by imparting your rules, philosophy, brand and logo into your rental property. Your rental home is an extension of you! With your own resident portal , your tenants get their own dashboard where they can view all of the documents, rules, and philosophies that govern your rental home.

Rent Payments

Credit card and ACH payments

Get paid faster with online payments., you can automate collections and payments to all of your tenants or they can pay as they go.

Manage Maintenance & Renovations

Keep Track of Contractors Online

Contractor info can easily be accessed to manage maintenance and renovation projects.


Texting, Emails, and announcements

Communicate with vendors, owners, or residents instantly, 1 to 1 or in bulk through sms and emails.


Property Management software Based on the 7 Principle of MA'At, an Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian Concept.

We adopt the philosophy of the Kemetic/Ancient Egyptian philosophies in the way that this software was crafted. The manner in which Landlords and their tenants interact is a reciprocal and respectful relationship of the manner in which both parties interact with one another. To this end, our property management software aims to foster and optimize this relationship with the view to optimize the entire renting experience for all involved. Developed based upon 10 years of managing long and short term rentals and adopting the messaging from the Divine as it pertains to manifesting a powerful framework for optimizing generational wealth and health utilizing real estate. Our ancestors viewed homes as an extension of the human body and designed it in accordance with these principles. For this reason, we implement A. Per Ankh approach in the design of our Property Management Framework based on the 7 rules of Maat: Truth. Justice. Harmony.Balance.Order.Propriety.Reciprocity

Overarching 5 Principles of TurnKeyLandlords Property Management System
  • Health and Wealth of Tenants-Design Structure & Staging, The Way You Show Up!
  • Communication Etiquette- Texts, Emails, Pre-existing Templates
  • Accounting & Record Keeping- Awareness, Transparency, Accountability
  • Maintenance – Optimizing the Integrity ,Vendors, Asset management
  • Rules & Regulations- Proprietary Framework in accordance with Landlord’s Philosophy combined with Culture, State, and Country Laws

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- How does the 30 day free trial work?

Try it, it’s on us. You can have unlimited access for 30 days, with no contracts and no credit card required. You even get free phone and email support in case you have questions about setting up your account.

- What happens after my free trial?

With the free trial, you can use our software at no charge for 30 days (no credit card required). After your trial is up, you can choose from one of several paid plans.

- Do I need to install any software?

It is 100% web based, meaning you can access it anywhere and there’s no software to install on your computer.

- Is my data safe?

Your data securely stored in the cloud. For security of transactions we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts any information such as credit card number and billing information that you send us electronically. The encryption process protects your information by scrambling it before it is sent to us from your computer. In addition, your data is backed up automatically and is accessible from any device, so you can always stay connected and up-to-date.

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